Month: April 2014

Social Media Footprint

The last dozen weeks were a very different experience for me. I’m not much of a social media user, but thanks to this class I can now understand why I’m not. I’m not enough of a constant content creator to warrant the use of twitter or anything else of its nature. I could stick with wordpress, but I highly doubt I will.

This class was very easy to deal with, it’s just that most of what we did was very simple and mundane, which is something I can’t deal with very well. I’m also far too immature for twitter, with a constant urge to just mess with it as much as I can.

I may go back to the social media world in the future when I have an actual career, but at the moment I’m going to back to ignoring these sites ever existed.

I’m happy I took this class because it was easy, but at the same time it was also the biggest downfall of the class. So much of the work is just so boring I’m happy it’s all done for now.