Coava Coffee

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.09.50 PM

Coffee is an important part of many different people’s social lives. Coffee brings people together though interaction, making us all part of one larger community. The Coava commercial linked above is a perfect example of a narrative based advertisement.  The commercial follows the story of a coffee bean being ground into a the coffee that brings people together. The idea of community is reinforced by the intense close ups, and busy shots of people in groups.

The production values of the commercial are rather high, with a very clearly high quality camera, good camera angles, and fitting music. Everything works together to make the viewer feel as if they are truly part of the scene. As if they are part of the community.

The commercial uses the a comforting atmosphere to create a positive emotion of safety and unity within the viewer, which serves the ad thematically as well. The coffee is also shot in a way where it loos appetizing to even those who don’t drink coffee.

Overall the commercial is a very good example of emotion, production and story, which is a good feat for an advertisement. It feels much more than a soulless work designed to sell us their coffee.


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