Month: January 2014

Orson Welles by Cecil Beaton


The above image of Orson Welles photographed by English photographer Cecil Beaton has won the Tony for picture of the day. The image appeals to me based on the atmosphere of the setting. Cecil Beaton was very much into set design and it shows with eerie mood of the piece. The mood reflects the works and personality of the subject, Orson Welles. The eerie mood is enhanced by the placement of the skull and the dramatic lighting, which also gives a sense of mystery to the award winning director/actor Orson Welles.

The photograph shows off the talent of Cecil Beaton’s set direction, that would go on to win many awards. Everything in frame is placed for a reason, and is place masterfully. Everything adds to the idea of Orson Welles that he wants to portray. This is truly a powerful portrait.




Tweetdeck is a pretty amazing app for OCD inflicted psychotics such as myself. Tweetdeck allows the user to organize the chaotic world that is twitter, allowing the user to group certain tweeters, schedule future tweets, and many more features. The scheduled tweets feature included is one of my major selling points. One could set up a consistent flow of tweets to bring in a certain user base as set times, such as daily tweets. This is great in allowing the user to get them all out of the way immediately, and then having more time later for other projects.


The best feature by far is the ability to create groups for the people you follow. This is a fantastic way to separate the tweets from professional and personal worlds. One could have separate streams of tweets flowing in, which would allow an increased focus on certain subjects the users deems important.


Tweetdeck is a fantastic app for those of us who require everything to be neat and tidy. I strongly recommend this app to all twitter users.

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