Social Media Footprint

The last dozen weeks were a very different experience for me. I’m not much of a social media user, but thanks to this class I can now understand why I’m not. I’m not enough of a constant content creator to warrant the use of twitter or anything else of its nature. I could stick with wordpress, but I highly doubt I will.

This class was very easy to deal with, it’s just that most of what we did was very simple and mundane, which is something I can’t deal with very well. I’m also far too immature for twitter, with a constant urge to just mess with it as much as I can.

I may go back to the social media world in the future when I have an actual career, but at the moment I’m going to back to ignoring these sites ever existed.

I’m happy I took this class because it was easy, but at the same time it was also the biggest downfall of the class. So much of the work is just so boring I’m happy it’s all done for now.


File Sharing Portfolio

This portfolio was done as a project to kill two birds with one stone. My friend needed some photos for modelling, and I needed to do the project, so it only made sense to do them together. I got the idea to connect them thematically by removing the saturation on anything that wasn’t a primary colour.

The three primary colours are meant to evoke a more raw feeling within the photos, as the primary colours are the base of all colour combinations. I was trying to mix the human with the technology. I believe the integration of human with technology is an interesting idea that is important to explore as a human.

The work was really quick and easy. We just shot a good 40 or so images, I brought the ones for this project into photoshop and made adjustments. Overall it was a fun bit of work, and I feel like a better photographer for completing it.

Dark Souls II

This is a podcast my classmate Brandan and I did on the new fantasy RPG Dark Souls II. Brandan recently purchased the new edition of one of my favourite RPG series of recent memory. Dark Souls is a JRPG with a heavy western influence for its design philosophy. The game has little exposition, but a rich and detailed lore. I get Brandan to hint at a little of what he has experienced so far. The detail of the game sounds just as exciting as it did several years ago. All aboard the hype train!

We recorded the audio using Audition, and just exported it to Premiere to just upload it to Youtube for the masses to hear. The experience was fun, but just a regular occurrence. Pretty much everyday we discuss whatever fantasy related media we indulged in the night before. The assignment was fairly easy, but it was a decent experience.

Bright Bite

The preceding video is a viral ad my partner Brandan and I made for class. The idea came from a product my friends and I created for business management and marketing in high school. I wanted to be able to make some cheesy super hero related thing in the program. I have a strong affinity with hammy over-the-top media, since I grew up surrounded by it almost constantly, and still indulge in it to this day. Power Rangers and Hong Kong cinema were the main influences on this particular project, with the transformation, inconsistent placement and poor dubbing being the obvious give aways.

I had great fun shooting this project, since I’ve always wanted to do something this silly, so it will hold a special place in my heart. I had no particular problems with the creation of this project, and had a blast from start to finish. If I were to do this again, I would probably go even more over-the-top with the performances, but I still like how they came out.

My next video project I plan to take a bit more seriously, since I don’t want it to seem like I’m hiding behind a shield of anti-criticism with the “it’s meant to be bad” approach. Maybe I’ll go with a more punk influenced style in the next one.



Instagram is a very consumer friendly photo sharing site. Sign-up is quick, easy, and free. The site is designed to be as intuitive as possible for the consumer photographer. Just snap and upload to the site. The site also host a magnitude of sharing options, including facebook, twitter, tumblr, and more.

Instagram has this funny assumption that we all own smartphones, and won’t allow one to actually use the service unless they want to shell out for an up-to-date phone. Once you’ve caved in though it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Instagram’s userbase is so large, every image upload is like throwing a rusty needle in an ocean of other rusty needles. If for some reason you end up being the infected needle to spread your plague onto the world, then there are millions of people who will follow in your footsteps.

Instagram’s interface is so chaotic, you would to be a made man to want to use it for your main portfolio. The only way it could be useful is to upload to the site for free advertising. One needle I found on Instagram that didn’t give me a filtered disease was Joey Lawrence. Lawrence has a really strong sense of style with the way he uses very brightly exposed images with high contrast, giving off a very unique look to his work.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend Instagram unless you’re a young kid who wants to show off selfies to your friends.

Coava Coffee

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.09.50 PM

Coffee is an important part of many different people’s social lives. Coffee brings people together though interaction, making us all part of one larger community. The Coava commercial linked above is a perfect example of a narrative based advertisement.  The commercial follows the story of a coffee bean being ground into a the coffee that brings people together. The idea of community is reinforced by the intense close ups, and busy shots of people in groups.

The production values of the commercial are rather high, with a very clearly high quality camera, good camera angles, and fitting music. Everything works together to make the viewer feel as if they are truly part of the scene. As if they are part of the community.

The commercial uses the a comforting atmosphere to create a positive emotion of safety and unity within the viewer, which serves the ad thematically as well. The coffee is also shot in a way where it loos appetizing to even those who don’t drink coffee.

Overall the commercial is a very good example of emotion, production and story, which is a good feat for an advertisement. It feels much more than a soulless work designed to sell us their coffee.

Pure Forest Stealth


Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals. It is a form of pseudoscience that involves the search of animals that may not even exist.  Cryptozoologists spend their lives searching for legends and myths. An average day in there life includes laying in a forest for hours on end and hoping that they find a legendary creature just mosey on by. The biggest of all of these creatures include Bigfoot, a big hairy man who wanders around the woods of the west coast and is the master of pure stealth. Today I am speaking with Brandan Loney, a young videographer with the hopes of finding the elusive Bigfoot.

Even though Bigfoot likely doesn’t exist, this doesn’t stop Brandan. Brandan is prepared to hunt along the west coast until he finds this sneaky bastard of an animal. The sheer dedication brings a tear to the eyes of a man with no eyes.

When I asked Brandan what attracted him to the idea of documenting cryptozoology, he told me it goes back to the sense of adventure he craves. Brandan is a natural Magellan, with a strong craving for exploration. Unfortunately he was born in the dreary wasteland that is the 90s, which results in the world already being charted. The only options left for Brandan are cryptozoology, and space. We don’t yet live in a time where space exploration is available to the public, so he has resorted to the search of hidden creatures.

Brandan apparently started becoming interested in finding Bigfoot around his late teens, after watching cryptozoology and ghost shows on television.  This caused him to become interested in the search for Bigfoot.

The mystery is the driving force of Brandan. The fact that it may not exist is what drives Brandan to prove to the world that he is true. It would also be rad to be the one who discovered the Bigfoot monster.

Brandan would be required to relocate to California, which has the most sightings of Bigfoot. The West coast has the most sighting of Bigfoot in total. The relocation could provide fruitful, if he spends enough time searching. Chances are that if he searched long enough he could be the first person to discover Bigfoot, and become a legendary cryptozoologist.

I asked Brandan if he would search for other hidden creatures, which he responded gleefully with his plans to search for “Nessie, jersey devil, Flordia swamp ape, chupacabra,” and so on. Brandan if successful could disprove many of skeptics and nay-sayers out there.

Brandan seems to have enough interest in cryptozoology that he will most likely make some kind of impact in the world of cryptozoology. With his dedication the chances are in his favour to leave a last impression of people even if he doesn’t find the missing link Bigfoot.


Orson Welles by Cecil Beaton


The above image of Orson Welles photographed by English photographer Cecil Beaton has won the Tony for picture of the day. The image appeals to me based on the atmosphere of the setting. Cecil Beaton was very much into set design and it shows with eerie mood of the piece. The mood reflects the works and personality of the subject, Orson Welles. The eerie mood is enhanced by the placement of the skull and the dramatic lighting, which also gives a sense of mystery to the award winning director/actor Orson Welles.

The photograph shows off the talent of Cecil Beaton’s set direction, that would go on to win many awards. Everything in frame is placed for a reason, and is place masterfully. Everything adds to the idea of Orson Welles that he wants to portray. This is truly a powerful portrait.



Tweetdeck is a pretty amazing app for OCD inflicted psychotics such as myself. Tweetdeck allows the user to organize the chaotic world that is twitter, allowing the user to group certain tweeters, schedule future tweets, and many more features. The scheduled tweets feature included is one of my major selling points. One could set up a consistent flow of tweets to bring in a certain user base as set times, such as daily tweets. This is great in allowing the user to get them all out of the way immediately, and then having more time later for other projects.


The best feature by far is the ability to create groups for the people you follow. This is a fantastic way to separate the tweets from professional and personal worlds. One could have separate streams of tweets flowing in, which would allow an increased focus on certain subjects the users deems important.


Tweetdeck is a fantastic app for those of us who require everything to be neat and tidy. I strongly recommend this app to all twitter users.

Get tweetdeck here: